The Old Man and Lady Liberty

I’ve been thinking about the Impeachment. We all fully expected acquittal. In some ways, I agree with the GOP Senators who agreed Trump had done inappropriate (even illegal) activity, but to remove him would be too dangerous in the current hyper-politicized country. Though if they really believed he is guilty, then they swore an oath as a juror that they did not follow. For those that took this stand, I think it was an attempt to appease both sides, not a moral decision. We’ll see if that helps them in November. But, I do think the country will be better off removing this president through an election. But if we don’t, I shudder to think the economic, social, and ecological damage that will be done.

What I found more disheartening was that the Senate refused to hear additional testimony and view additional documentary evidence. They freely admitted they were specifically blocking the American public from learning all of the facts. I believe this is the bigger issue and constitutional crisis. Agree or not with the House impeachment, the house has the legal authority to subpoena witnesses and documents, and those subpoenaed are legally bound to comply or should be found in contempt of congress. It’s been done before. By not enforcing the subpoenas, seeking additional witnesses, and then acquitting on the charge of obstruction of justice, the Senate has given this president complete free reign to break any laws. We’ve seen no evidence that this Senate will hold any line with this president and we’ve seen no evidence of any ethical or moral boundaries on the part of the president to contain his actions. I fully expect we will see attempts to investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate political rivals to this president. That is not what happens in an open and free democracy.

Anyway, here’s a song, an allegory if you will, titled “The Old Man and Lady Liberty.”

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