Album Challenge Day 7: Slant Six Mind by Greg Brown

Greg Brown has this deep baritone voice, which upon first listen, one might think is pretty rough. But, the more you listen, you realize that though deep, his voice is quite expressive and delicate with a melody. He writes songs in a wide array of styles from straight up blues to sweet ballads. The songs of his that I like best are those that roll along melodically, which can be quite soothing and relaxing. The album of his I listen to the most is a live album, “In the Hills of California” which is a collection of his various performances at the Kate Wolf music festival. I’ve seen him live multiple times and usually he plays solo, or with just Bo Ramsey on lead guitar. This is when I like him the best. His songs just roll along, floating over you, and often the intent of the song doesn’t reveal itself to you until the very end. For example, the song that I recorded, Spring and All, is about a lost love, though that isn’t revealed until the second to last line of the song. I chose this album, because it is the first Greg Brown CD that I bought after discovering him on the Bill Morrissey album I wrote about on day 5.


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