Album Challenge Day 9: How Did You Find Me Here by David Wilcox

Year’s ago, a good friend took me to see David Wilcox on tour. I think it was for my birthday. He was playing at the old Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. I hadn’t heard of him, but she siad she knew I would like him. I absolutely love this album. It’s a “no skipper” for me. Not a single song that I skip when listening to it. Wilcox’s songwriting is damn near perfect. What I mean is that it sounds as if every note, every lyric, every chord is precisely chosen and placed. He is a phenomenal guitar player. When I saw him live, I’d never seen anything like it. Between each song, hey canged the tuning on the guitar, thus allowing him to play much more complex arrangements and notes than you can with fingerpicking in a standard tuning. It was fascinating to watch. This was before I’d picked up a guitar except to know a couple of chords and that it made my fingers hurt. I was enthralled. Here’s my attempt at “Eye of the Hurricane,” which I am playing in standard tuning, but can manage to get the two key licks in despite my limitations.


2 thoughts on “Album Challenge Day 9: How Did You Find Me Here by David Wilcox

  1. I remember that concert! So glad you enjoyed his songwriting and playing style as much as we do. Looking forward to watching your Eye of the Hurricane!

    1. I even remember him standing on stage and counting all of the exits, and then saying, something to the effect of, “sort like all of my relationships.” Glad you introduced me to his music.

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