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The World Faces Significant Clima….Squirrel!

I’ve been trying to write about the report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since it was released on October 8th, but I’ve been so flummoxed by the generally collective “meh” I didn’t know where to start. In … Continue reading

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For Pete’s Sake, Give Them a Cookie

This is a repost of  a blog entry from June 2013. Do you know the children’s book, if you give a mouse a cookie? A boy gives a cookie to a mouse. Then the mouse needs a glass of milk. … Continue reading

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Feeling Angry and Helpless

I am angry. There simply is no doubt that human activity is causing a rapid increase in global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures. Changes in temperature that we are seeing now, and predicting to occur in the next 100 years or … Continue reading

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Complicity: The New American Way

Remaining silent or refuse to take action about school and mass shootings is an act of complicity. It’s Friday February 16th. Fourteen students and three adults were killed at school two days ago. My wife and I heard the news … Continue reading

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Elders Under a Tree

I breeze past the tall statue of Paul and Babe first on my morning bike commute. Then past three elders sitting in the grass and side-by-side against a large oak tree. They face the lake that lies between them and … Continue reading

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FORE! Playing Golf and Learning to Teach While Not Slicing it Into the Woods

Anyone who has golfed knows that learning to hit a golf ball consistently straight and where you aim is really hard. There are too many untold variables in each swing that can make striking that little white ball with that … Continue reading

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To The Greatest Generation…I Call BS

I’m fed up with the “Greatest Generation.” Okay, so they won a global war and oversaw the largest expansion of the human population and advancements in technology. But whatever. Despite all of this advancement of modern society, here we sit … Continue reading

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