Criterion 1: Effectiveness in the Classroom Goals

Goal 1

I will create and utilize and end of course evaluation. I have utilized the end of course survey tool provided by the office of institutional research in the past, but data from this survey is not reliably provided. This fall term will establish a baseline of data, from which I can identify areas to make modifications and adjustments and then check for improvements in those areas of my teaching.

Goal 2

Continue to increase constructivist nature of the teaching of all of the courses I teach in utilizing a process I have named “sense-making.” This will demonstrate the “confirm” component of the “learning cycle” that is foundational to the teaching methodology taught in ED 3350. During this term, I will regularly provide time at the end of class to guide students through the sense-making process. The end of course survey will evaluate students’ perception of this practice in solidifying their learning. In ED-3350, I will also have data from the student portfolios to measure this practice (see goal 3)

Goal 3

Continue the use of a student portfolio in which students collect and reflect on the assignments for each unit before they complete the final essay for each unit. The use of this binder will provide students the means to further process what they are learning, how they are learning it, and why. This will be assessed by evaluation of the portfolio after each unit utilizing a new rubric to measure the completion of the sense-making activities and on the end of course survey.

Goal 4

I will revise the ED 3350 curriculum to re-arrange the sequence of topics in an attempt to increase student performance on the differentiation between lesson planning single lessons and the planning of whole coherent units of study from a constructivist framework.

Goal 4

Collaborate with faculty in other departments to teach ED 2925: People and the Environment

Goal 6

Provide effective leadership of the Professional Education Department as department chair through timely completion of transcript reviews, Graduation Summary Application Forms, setting meeting agendas, and facilitating regular department meetings and faculty work days.

  1. Continue fostering a productive, efficient, and collegial operation of the Professional Education department, as measured through the use of survey tool distributed to the department faculty and staff.
  2. Lead department in completion of the department curriculum map and decisions as to the use of the map to evaluate the scope and sequence of department undergraduate teacher licensure program.
  3. Lead the department in the final tier of program data input for MN Board of Teaching accreditation and program review.
  4. Lead department with following curriculum proposals to revise the distribution of credits awarded for the different lengths of student teaching credits to align with the revised student teaching requirements from the MN BOT.
  5. Increase the department utilization of the department PLC as a collegial support system and breeding ground for program improvement.

Criterion 1 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence