Criterion 2 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence


  1. Biology Text
    1. Due to time constraints as a result of attending to Department Chair business I have not completed an article reporting the findings from this study, though progress is being made–a little at a time.
    2. The book Ecological Identity: Finding Your Place in a Biological World has been published with Riverfeet Press.
    3. I have not partnered with an additional school at this time
    4. I have not begun outlining an expanded edition of the book at this time. However, I am in talks with the K-12 arm of Kendall Hunt publishing regarding a publishing partnership for the book and the corresponding biology curriculum.
  2. Scholarly Research
    1. This article has been updated but has not been approved for publication as of yet.
    2. I have signed a contract with Kendall Hunt for a pedagogy book (title to be determined) and have begun the outlining stage of the project. A manuscript is to be delivered to Kendal Hunt April of 2018.
      1. Pedagogy Book Draft Outline
    3. In addition to the above goals I also presented “Educating for Ecological Identity” at the “Imagine Conference” at Prairie Creek Community School in Northfield MN on November 7th 2016.
    4. My article, “It’s About Learning, not Earning” is under review with the Journal of Modern Education Review. its-about-learning-not-earning.
    5. A short story, “Walking With Ed” will be published spring of 2017 as part of an anthology of nature-based fiction and non-fiction by Riverfeet Press. While creative in nature, as fictional short story, the story is a fictionalized conversation between biologist E.O.Wilson and a teenage boy while walking through Central Park in New York City. The subject of this conversation is around understanding the cycling of matter and energy in an ecosystem.
    6. I served as a peer reviewer for the journal The American Biology Teacher.
  3. Blog Writing. I completed the following blog entries since the beginning of the academic year:
    1. What I Did On My Summer Vacation
    2. The Importance of Place
    3. Is There Any Doubt?
    4. Art is Essential: The Sunday Art Series
    5. When Life is for the Birds
    6. Petting the Dog to Save Ourselves From Ecological Ruin
    7. Thinking of Standing Rock
    8. Anger, Fear, and Confronting My Own Bias
    9. Our Home
    10. From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock
    11. Reckless Leadership
    12. Science Never Stops
    13. Teachers in “Receive Mode”

Criterion 3 Goals