Criterion 5 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence


  1. I have served on the Senate during the 2016-2017 academic year attending all meetings.
  2. I have attended all but 1 graduate committee meeting, all assessment committee meetings, chaired the ad hoc curriculum map committee (though this committee has only met once this term), begun the process to convert the student policy committee from an ad hoc committee to a regular-meeting standing committee, of which the department chair will be a permanent member. Additionally, I have worked with two other faculty on an ad hoc assignment by the department to revise the dispositions used to evaluate professional education candidates “professionalism.”
  3. The PLC met three times in the fall. This time was utilized to begin work on the dispositions for undergraduate candidates and also used to support faculty with their PDP goals.
  4. I am still a member of the Center for Professional Development, though my duties as chair have often conflicted with participation in the bi-weekly meetings and often with the scheduled CPD activities (often at noon on Wednesdays, the same day and time as department meetings).
  5. In addition to the planned for goals I also participated in a grant-writing team for a Margaret A Cargill Foundation sustainability grant. The team I participated with completed the query letter and was invited to apply for a $600,000.00 grant that would benefit sustainability efforts on the BSU campus.

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