PDP/PDR 2014-2015

This page is the location of my 2014-2015 academic year Professional Development Plan and Professional Development Progress Report for Bemidji State University. Clicking on each link below will take you to that section of my PDP. Within each section is the progress report for each goal and links to artifacts for each goal.

This has been a year of juxtaposition. Entering my second year of teaching at the collegiate level, I have grown more comfortable and confident in my teaching at this level. And I have become more familiar with the inner-workings and nuances of life at a state university. Another term of teaching, and I can honestly say I feel that teaching this subject to these students is where I belong right now. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I dedicate those days to teaching, planning, and grading. Here’s the juxtaposition. At the end of last year I agreed to serve as interim chair of the department. It has been in this role that I have had the steepest learning curve. I often find myself asking questions that everyone else in the room has an assumed knowledge about. Therefore much of my time has been spent asking questions of who, what, and where are the appropriate time and places for conversations to happen even before I can dig into the work of responding to issues that arise that fall under the purview of being chair. Sometimes it feels a bit like a minefield! To this juxtaposition, here is what I have observed. My best paid plans were to spend Tuesdays and Thursdays focused on my classes. Mondays and Wednesdays focused on administrative responsibilities and Fridays focused on scholarly activities. The rest have been filled with chair responsibilities and meetings. So far this year I’ve dedicated two Fridays to scholarly activities. I have also observed that on Tuesdays and Thursday I arrive at work ready for the day and anxious to get started, and leave at the end of the day energized. On Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I leave exhausted and often frustrated. I left the K-12 world where I had a mixture of teaching and administrative responsibilities and experiences, ready to enter the second (okay 3rd or 4th) phase of my career with a focus on teaching teachers and exploring and expanding my expertise in that field and in the area of science education curriculum and practices. That is the niche I came to BSU to carve out for myself. I am not sure that administrative duties align with those goals.

To my peers reviewing this PDR, please download the PDR Peer Feedback Form before proceeding. I would appreciate the constructive criticism. I would begin with Criterion 1 link below. At the bottom of each criterion page is a link to the progress report for that area. At the bottom of that progress report page is a link to the next category of goals.

Thank you,

2014-2015 PDR Dean Response

Criterion 1: Teaching Efficacy

Criterion 2: Scholarly or Creative Achievement or Research

Criterion 3: Evidence of Continuing Preparation of Study

Criterion 4: Contribution to Student Growth and Development

Criterion 5: Service to the University and Community



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