Criterion 1: Effectiveness in the Classroom Goals

Goal 1:

Participation in Class Consultation process through the CPD to receive feedback from a peer and students on teaching. In particular, I want the focus of the observation to be on my ability to engage students in small group and class discussions. This is importance as I utilize both of these strategies extensively as one effort in creating a constructivist classroom.

Goal 2:

Modify the “mid-point assessment” assigned to ED 3350 so that this tool serves to better inform faculty as to student progress through Ed Program, better prepare students for the ED-TPA, and increase the efficacy of implementation from the perspective of the professor. Feedback from students last spring was that the practice of completing the Practice TPA in pedagogy would be beneficial to completion of the ED-TPA. However, from both the student and professor perspective the logistics of completing the P-TPA in pedagogy where problematic at best, meaning it did not work well as an embedded summative assessment for the course.

Goal 3:

Increase constructivist nature of the teaching of ED-3350 to encourage more student reflection on learning, standards, and connection to prior learning and knowledge. This is essential to students constructing meaning and therefore I will use my class to model strategies for having students actively reflect on their learning in addition to traditional projects and assessments.

Goal 4:

Provide timely feedback to students – majority of student work returned during the next class meeting. For the proper reflection to occur in the development of the “mid-point assessment” portfolio this will be necessary

Progress Report & Artifacts / Evidence


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