Criterion 2: Scholarly or Creative Achievement or Research Goals

Goal 1: Biology Text / Curriculum

  1. Addition of second pilot school utilizing the curriculum. The original pilot school worked closely with me when I taught there. Having a second school starting cold with the curriculum will provide necessary, critical feedback on the text and the accompanying curriculum resources.
  2. Transition from “pilot” edition of text to regular 1st edition ready for publication
    1. Due to entrepreneurial and unique nature of text, it is unlikely to attract the interest of a traditional textbook publishing company. It may be necessary to self-publish and market this curriculum from a more grass-roots paradigm. If successful, then it may possibly gain attention of a more traditional publisher.
    2. Collaborate/consult with content area specialist (biology) and reading specialist regarding content of curriculum and reading accessibility research regarding the unique nature of the text. This will lend credibility to the content of the curriculum. Additionally, this text is built from the hypothesis that traditional texts and online texts are not engaging adolescent readers, while, a more narrative, trade non-fiction style of writing will. A reading specialist might be necessary to confirm this hypothesis.
  3. Completion of Teacher’s Edition Binder’s ready for duplication and use with text. This was completed in draft form last year and for this project to be marketed beyond pilot schools working directly with me, this will need to be complete with such detail that implementing teachers would not need additional support from me as the author.
  4. Use the biology text and unit organizing techniques within the Secondary Science Methods course (ED 3410) as an example of thematic unit design, constructivism lesson planning. Also have students complete a reading level analysis of the text.
  5. Present a BSU Honor’s lecture on the design and implementation of the biology curriculum. This is the first step to completing a journal article for publication and preparing for presentations at regional and national conferences. Currently investigating the possibility of presenting in 2015 or 2016 at one or more of the following:
    1. Progressive Education Network National Conference (Fall of 2015)
    2. NSTA conferences: 2015 STEM Expo in Minneapolis; 2015 Regional conferences (Reno, Philadelphia, Kansas City); 2016 National Conference (Nashville)

Goal 2: Scholarly Research

Complete combination of two drafts of articles or two applications for state or national presentations (see goal 1 e). Potential topics include, Thematic, Inquiry-Based Biology Curriculum and Holistic Grading. The goal is preparation for submission of articles during this year with publication happening during the 2015-16 academic year.

Goal 3: Creative Works

  1. Publish previously completed manuscript, Within These Woods. This manuscript was completed last year. The goal this year is successful publication.
  2. Complete CD recording of original music. This is an importance creative process that serves a strong need for stress reduction (see goal 5 from criterion 1). By making it a goal motivates me intrinsically to complete.

Progress Report & Artifacts / Evidence


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