Criterion 3: Evidence of Continuing Preparation and Study Goals

Goal 1

Completed research “journal” containing summary of 20 journal articles with a focus in the areas below. These are areas that support interest areas or areas self-identified weaknesses my scholarship. Additionally, being new to academia, I have limited experience reading peer-reviewed journal writing, the act of critically reading these will improve my writing for this audience.

  1. Standards in Education
  2. Native American Education
  3. Grading & Assessment
  4. Inquiry-based learning
  5. Educational Psychology

Goal 2

Build proficiency with ED-TPA through participation in available workshops and training. The ED-TPA is a driving force in the continued development of the department’s curriculum. Therefore, I need to be as proficient as possible with how it is used, what the data means, and how to guide students to success on this capstone project of the education program.

Goal 3

Renew MN Teacher’s License (7-12 Life Science). As the science methods instructor, I feel this is important credentialing for me to have on my resume.

Progress Report & Artifacts / Evidence


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