Criterion 3 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence

Goal 1:

These articles/books are the resources that were used as background reading or were utilized directly in one of the scholarly projects:

  • Books
    • Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Where Afraid to Ask, by Anton Treuer
    • Pandora’s Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization, by Spencer Wells
    • Lucy’s Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins, by Donald Johanson
    • Neither Wolf Nor Dog & The Wolf at Twilight, by Kent Nerburn
  • Articles
    • Indigestion: Gobbling up Complex Hydrocarbons From the Ocean Floor Only Goes so Far, by Olivia U. Mason, Natural History
    • Border Patrol: When Bison Migrate Out of the Confines of Yellowstone National Park, They Become Direct Targets, by Daniel Bristor,  Natural History
    • Student and Faculty Perception of Plus/Minus Grading and its Effect on Course Grade Point Average, by Leslie Edgar, College Student Journal
    • Student Engagement and Student Learning, Robert M. Carlui, Research in Higher Education.
    • Why Grades Engender Performance Avoidance Goals, Caroline Pulfrey, Journal of Education Psychology
    • The Case Against Grades, Alfie Kohn, Educational Leadership
    • Teaching to the Test: Concerns about the use of Standardized Tests Persist in American Education, Ronald Roach, Diverse Education
    • Grading Without Points: Does it Hurt Student Performance? Eric Landrum and Karen Dietz
    • Grades as Valid Measures of Academic Achievement of Classroom Learning, James Allen, The Clearing House
    • Do Teacher’s Grading Practices Affect Student Achievement? Hans Bonesronning, Education Economics
    • A New Framework for Grading, Kris H. Green and Allen Emerson, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education
    • Authenticity and Constructivism in Education, Laurance Splitter, Springer
    • Toward A Pragmatic Discourse of Constructivism: Reflections on Lessons from Practice, Mordechai Gordon, Educational Studies
    • Science Teacher’s Beliefs as Barriers to implementation of Constructivist-Based Education Reform, Eylem Yidiz Feyziuoglu, Journal of Basic Science Education
    • Evaluating a Constructivist and Culturally Responsive Approach to Environmental Education for Diverse Audiences, Marc Stein, Robert Powell, and Nicole Ardoin, The Journal of Environmental Education
    • Using a thematic Laboratory-Centered Curriculum to Teach General Chemistry, Todd Hopkins and Michael Samide

Goal 2:

I was invited to and participated in the Standard Setting Conference for the ed-TPA conducted by the Department of Education in August of 2014. The end result was a summary report that was published by MDE in the fall, resulting in set baseline acceptable scores for the ed-TPA.

Goal 3:

I have not made progress toward this goal, but will need to complete compilation of materials to submit to MDE by June of 2015.

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