Criterion 4: Contributions to Student Growth and Development Goals

Goal 1:

Adding additional graduate student advisees and successfully guiding a student through completion of the oral defense. I have not taken a student through the entire process as of yet, and doing so will greatly enhance my comfort level with this advising role of my job.

Goal 2:

Begin an open-ended exploration of issues related to American Indian enrollment rates and retention rates through literary research. This is a strong area of interest—though, candidly, I don’t know enough to set a specific target, beyond learn more to develop thoughtful questions that will lead to more directed inquiry, research, or action.

Goal 3:

Develop the science methods course for the FasTrack program. My teaching of this course will be the first delivery of this course in the FasTrack program. It is important to get it right the first time.

Goal 4:

Facilitate the implementation of signature assessments across the department curriculum. This is an upcoming requirement from the Board of Teaching and will have to be implemented by spring 2015.

Progress Report & Artifacts / Evidence


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