Criterion 4 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence

Goal 1:

I have two graduate students who are planning to complete their research papers this spring.

Goal 2:

I attended the Courageous Conversations workshop during the November duty days. A followup meeting for selected participants of this meeting has yet to be successfully scheduled for the spring term. Conversations have taken place within the department about the role the department can play in working to increase graduation rates of native populations from the surrounding schools. I believe the role of the Professional Education Department is to make concerted efforts to increase the rate of graduates from surrounding schools to complete their teaching license with BSU so that they can return to their home schools and begin their teaching career.

Goal 3:

This was completed. ED3410 Syllabus Goodwin (Spring ’15)

Goal 4:

This was completed. Signature assessments are being utilized this spring in the following courses: ED 31oo, ED 3350, ED 4737 and ED 3222

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