Criterion 5 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence

Goal 1:

I have completed all of the duties of the department chair. Anecdotal feedback from the department and the dean has been positive. Data from a survey of department faculty is available here: Chair Efficacy Survey Results

Goal 2:

I have participated in all of the Assessment Committee meetings, a majority of the Graduate Committee meetings and am chairing the Ad Hoc Curriculum Mapping Committee

Goal 3:

The Professional Education PLC was not successful. We met once with much enthusiasm. A second time with fewer individuals, and the third and fourth attempts at the gatherings were not successful. Individuals have too many meetings and courses already on their schedule to make this work in the format originally conceived. I am disappointed by this and still searching for times when the department can have meaningful conversations about the craft of teaching. Currently all meeting times are always dominated by topics of importance for operational and organizational decisions.

Goal 4:

I was accepted onto the CPD. However, the meeting time in the fall term was during a scheduled class, therefore I was not able to participate. I look forward to being able to participate in the spring term.

Goal 5:

Participated in the Courageous Conversations workshop in November

Goal 6:

An Ad Hoc Committee, which I am chairing has been convened to complete this task. This will be a major undertaking, but the process is beginning.

2015-2016 PDP/PDR


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