Criterion 1: Effectiveness in the Classroom Goals

I will demonstrate ability to teach effectively and/or perform effectively in current assignments as interim department chair.

Goal 1

I will utilize the end of course evaluation provided by the office of Institutional Research to education professors. I have utilized this survey tool all my previous terms. An area in particular that I am focusing on this year is increasing the clarity of expectations and directions provided on specific projects and assignments.

Goal 2

Increase constructivist nature of the teaching of ED-3350 to encourage more student reflection on learning, standards, and connection to prior learning and knowledge. This is essential to students constructing meaning and therefore I will use my class to model strategies for having students actively reflect on their learning in addition to traditional projects and assessments. This is an on-going goal. Based on what I learned last term, I am utilizing ongoing cooperative learning groups within ED 3350 called “Sense-Making” groups, in which students meet at the end of each class period to process the content of the day and align that to the unit guiding questions and standards. This will be assessed qualitatively by my observation of the conversation during this time in class, by their work on their Unit outlines and learning maps (as seen in their portfolios at the end of each unit – see goal 3), and the scores on the end of course survey—in particular the following question: “Critical reflection and problem-solving were encouraged.”

Goal 3

Student Portfolio. Implement the use of a student portfolio in which students collect and reflect on the assignments for each unit before they complete the final essay for each unit. The use of this binder will provide students the means to further process what they are learning, how they are learning it, and why. This will be assessed by evaluation of the portfolio after each unit (including specific reflection writing assignment), and on the end of course survey—specifically questions pertaining to critical reflection and clarity of understanding the scope and sequence of the course content.

Criterion 1 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence