Criterion 2: Scholarly or Creative Achievement or Research Goals

Goal 1

Biology Text (Ecological Identity: Finding Your Place in a Biological World) / Curriculum (Biology: Exploring Your Role in Biodiversity).

  • Completion of a formal study of the efficacy of the biology curriculum and accompanying text. This will include interviews and surveys of teachers and students at Shattuck-St. Mary’s school.
  • Complete bound and printed “developmental copy” of the text to be used for pilot study.
  • Revision of the Teacher’s Edition documents, supporting tutorial videos and roll-out of website specific to curriculum: for the biology curriculum, Biology: Exploring Your Role in Biodiversity.
  • National Presentation and publication related to topic of “ecological identity.”
    • NSTA national conference (spring 2016)
    • Publication in American Biology Teacher journal

Goal 2

  • Completion of article drafts related to the following topics:
    • Thematic, Inquiry-Based Biology Curriculum
    • Constructivist Pedagogy Framework for Teacher Education.

Goal 3

  • Creative Works
    • Publish previously completed manuscript, Within These Woods. This manuscript was completed last year. The goal this year is successful publication. This was published in June of 2016, therefore will be reported on the 2015-16 PDR.

Criterion 2 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence