Criterion 2 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence

Documents and Artifacts Related to Criterion 2


  1. Biology Curriculum Project
    1. The research plan was approved. Data will be completed in May of 2016.
    2. A pilot edition draft of the text, Ecological Identity: Finding Your Place in a Biological World, was completed, bound, and printed and provided at no cost to the participating school.
    3. Teacher’s Edition, Biology: Exploring Your Role in Biodiversity, was completed with all support materials and provided to the two participating teachers in both hard copy (3-Ring Binder) and electronically via a flash drive. Additionally, the revised website is completed and running. The information about the curriculum and the student resources (mostly tutorial videos produced by me) are available to the public. The teacher portion of this website requires password permission to access. This is available by request.
    4. My proposal for a presentation titled “Educating for Ecological Identity” as well as a presentation titled “Eradicate Point-Grubbing.” While these two presentations are not specifically about the biology curriculum, they both support the biology curriculum in that the curriculum utilizes a curriculum with an ecological focus as demonstrated in the title of the text resource, Ecological Identity: Finding Your Place in a Biological World. The second presentation is about utilizing a holistic grading approach that is described in the Teacher Resources of the biology curriculum. In April of 2016 The American Biology Teacher will publish my article, Educating for Ecological Identity, as a feature article.
  2. Scholarly Research
    1. I have not completed a draft of the planned article about the biology curriculum. This draft will be completed after the completion of data collection.
    2. I have completed a draft of an article about constructivist pedagogy titled, Constructivism Made Easy Using the Learning Cycle: Consider, Construct, Confirm.
  3. Creative Works
    1. Within These Woods was published in June of 2015 through Riverfeet Press. This book is now being used in the Elementary Methods Integrated Block courses as a component of the science and environmental education strand of the curriculum. In December I was asked by Jean Ayers (faculty in charge of the program) from Northland College in Ashland Wisconsin to submit the book for the Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award.

Criterion 3 Goals