Criterion 4 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence

Documents and Artifacts Related to Criterion 4


  1. I have commenced my 3-year term as department chair after completing year of interim department chair in 2014-2015.
  2. Curriculum Proposals
    1. The Admissions Policy has proceeded through the required committees and is awaiting IFO Senate Approval.
    2. The Graduate Ed Research Course consolidation curriculum proposal is in process
    3. Revision/consolidation of graduate ed degree programs is in process. The MS ED program has been suspended.
  3. The implementation of signature assessments is continuing throughout the department. Data was collected in Taskstream by all instructors for signature assessments where appropriate. The department met on January 7th to review the fall ED-TPA data. Based on that data, the department is now working to review specific components of the ED-TPA rubrics and align those to specific courses. The department will continue to report during the spring term modifications being made in courses to align more directly with the qualities defined in the ED-TPA Rubrics. Additionally, I developed a revised lesson plan template that is being piloted in all sections of ED 3350. This lesson plan template is more closely aligned to the expectations of the ED-TPA rubrics.

Criterion 5 Goals