Criterion 5: Service to University and Community

Goal 1

  • Provide effective leadership of the Professional Education Department as department chair through timely completion of transcript reviews, Graduation Summary Application Forms, setting meeting agendas, and facilitating regular department meetings and faculty work days.

Goal 2

  • Serve on the University Faculty Senate

Goal 3

  • Participation in Professional Education Committees such as Graduate Committee, Assessment Committee, and possible additional Ad Hoc Committees.

Goal 4

  • Facilitate the Professional Education PLC. Members of the department will meet monthly to provide support to each other in areas of scholarship and teaching.

Goal 5

  • Continue as member of CPD.

Goal 6

  • Lead department conversation with Indigenous Studies to develop potential partnership in teacher education.

Goal 7

  • Complete a curriculum map of the core education courses for secondary and elementary education licensure program. Currently, we track this information through the use of syllabi and the “matrix” which lists when standards are assessed. However, the standards do not represent the totality of the curriculum covered and the use of updated syllabi lends itself to incomplete and inaccurate information. For the department to have informed discussions about future alignment of standards to courses, credits in the program, and sequencing of courses, a single source of information in the form of a curriculum map is essential.

Criterion 5 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence