Criterion 5 Progress Report, Artifacts & Evidence

Documents and Artifacts Related to Criterion 5


  1. I have completed all required tasks related to being department chair. Survey data from faculty in regards to my service as chair have not been collected as of yet.
  2. I have served on the Faculty Senate since the beginning of the academic year, attending all meetings so far.
  3. I participated in the Graduate Committee, Assessment Committee and lead the Curriculum Mapping Ad Hoc Committee
  4. The department meeting schedule was modified to allow for the PLC to meet at the regular department meeting time once a month (Wednesdays at 12:00). The use of this common time has ensured that more faculty can attend.
  5. I am a member of the Center for Professional Development and also represent BSU on the MNSCU Faculty Development Committee.
  6. I have met regularly with Vivian Delgado (and others) to begin formulating possible plans of interaction between Indigenous Native Nations program and Professional Education. We have created a roadmap for some potential crossover between the two departments. This work is just beginning.
  7. The curriculum map committee has completed the initial phase of data collection. This was completed as an all department workday on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in which all department members worked to identify alignment between identified indicators of the Conceptual Framework for the department and their individual courses. The next phase is to build a data base to store this information so analysis of the data can proceed.

2016 – 17 Professional Development Plan