Criterion 1: Effectiveness in the Classroom

Goal 1

  • ED 3100 & ED 3350 Courses:
    • Refine syllabi to match my teaching style and goals, including such practices as utilizing backward design, as described by Wiggins and McTighe, organizing and communicating expectations through the use of guiding questions as describe by Knight, and holistic, non-point-based grading to illustrate key dispositions to my students in my teaching as I prepare them to be teachers.
    • Collect formative feedback regarding each of my courses from students approximately mid-term each semester, collecting summative feedback regarding each of my courses from students at the end of each semester. Adjustments to teaching and communication practices will be made based on feedback received.
    • Have a peer conduct a targeted evaluation of my teaching presence in the classroom, so that improvements in presentation and establishment of classroom culture can be made.
    • Explore/pilot implementation of an outcome-based course evaluation methodology, enlisting help of selected peers to review documented evidence of course lessons, samples of student assignments and assessments for the purpose of evaluating alignment of student work completed to desired rigor expectations, Standards of Effective Practice, and course scope and sequence within the larger picture of the professional education department.

Goal 2

  • ED 3350 Course Refinement and Evaluation
    • Evaluate ED 3350 course during fall semester answer these questions:
      • Do assignments and text align in scope and sequence between ED 3100 and Methods courses?
      • Is newly chosen text (fall 2013) appropriate?
      • Should course be split into elementary and secondary pedagogy courses?

Criterion 1 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence