Criterion 2 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence


Image of Teacher’s Edition Binder for Biology Text; University of MN Press Book Proposal; Wisconsin Historical Society Press Response; Within These Woods Early Draft; Audio Book Page for Bio Text (now retired); Biology-Exploring Your Role in Biodiversity (2nd Edition Pilot Draft)

Goal 1

On Friday April 18th I met with Terri Dineen and Leah Inman from Shattuck-St. Mary’s School to debrief the use of the curriculum this year and identify as well as collect feedback on the organization and contents of the teacher’s edition. The visit was nothing short of inspiring for me. Going in to the meeting I was seriously doubting if the completion of this project was warranted and worth the substantial amount of time and effort that will be involved. This is the second year of using the text. Both teachers (one of whom is new this year and so is learning this curriculum without the benefit of working directly with me) are extremely happy with the philosophy, format, content, and writing of the text. There is no doubt in their minds that they want to continue to use this book and curriculum and work directly with me in developing the teacher’s resources for this curriculum and serve as a pilot site for this book and curriculum. Based on their feedback, it is my intention to update the textbook itself as a 3rd edition for use next year. I am undecided if we will continue to use a low-tech copied version of this for one more year before, most likely, self-publishing and working to expand pilot sites to at least one other school. It is possible, I might attempt to complete this self-publishing before this next year with a goal of having a more tangible example to use to find a second pilot site next year.

I have completed a rough binder draft of the teacher’s edition. A more formal draft of the introduction and first two chapters of the teacher’s edition are completed. Terri and Leah continue to implement the curriculum, experiment with new labs and activities and report the results to me as I continue to compile the print resources for the teacher’s edition. It is my goal is a completed, ready for distribution and review final draft of this resource manual, by the end of next academic year.

In addition to the print resources provided with this text are online resources. At this time that includes “Kahn-Academy” style videos to accompany the text. A series of approximately 20 original videos and additional video resources have been created and uploaded to the “BioGVideos” youtube channel and then embedded into my personal web page. Additionally, I have recorded an audio version of the book. Both of these resources have been received well by the students, according to Terri and Leah. The tutorial videos are valuable tools for students for reviewing difficult topics on their own and for students learning in a second language to hear the topics of the book presented in an auditory manner. Additionally, ELL students and students with reading disabilities have utilized the audio book as well as students traveling (which many do at this boarding school for athletics).

Goal 2

The manuscript, Within These Woods is completed. This year I added more chapters to the book, revised many of the existing chapters. I then hired a professional editor and utilized his services to complete the final version. Additionally I completed a new series of pen and ink illustrations for the book, as this is more likely to be published instead of color illustrations.

I have submitted book proposals to the following publishers. As of this time I have heard from one (University of Wisconsin) indicating no interest. I have not received rejections or acceptance from the other publishers at this time. Minnesota Historical Society Press

  • New World Library Press
  • North Shore Press
  • Sierra Club Press
  • Stone Ridge Press
  • University of Minnesota Press
  • University of Wisconsin Press
  • Wisconsin Historical Society
  • University of Indiana Press

Criterion 3 Goals