Criterion 4 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence


Advising Training Certificate; Advising Documents-Evidence

Goal 1

Advising students is the most anxiety-producing aspect of my position. This is simply due to anxiety that I will make a mistake and provide wrong guidance for a student. To alleviate this anxiety I attended the “Advising for Student Success” workshop in the fall. From that I got a template for an email to send to my advisees. Additionally I created a method of keeping track of notes and questions raised during individual advising sessions. I also utilized the plan forms provided by Aspen Easterling and created an updated form for each of my advisees so that I could enter each meeting with them knowing exactly what coursework they had completed and what recommendations I had for their next term of courses to stay on track with completion of their major and licensure areas. I have found an organization system that works well for this process and have kept all student files up to date so that the advisee scheduling meetings are less stressful for me.

I have also picked up four graduate students. Most of these students are early in the process and so I have just begun advising them and learning about the logistics of the BSU graduate programs. I did inherit one student nearing the completion of required coursework and therefore am in the process of helping him complete his proposal. Through this process I have learned that there is not consistency between a research paper and thesis proposal, nor is there consistency in the expectations of different areas of the graduate program at BSU. As part of the graduate committee and as interim chair next year, I will need to take a lead in helping the department and Dean clarify these expectations.

Goal 2

In addition to the video tutorials completed for the biology curriculum I have also created recorded presentations for use for staff development as well as created a youtube channel titled “edumusings.” I have created supplemental videos and tutorials for use in my education courses. Some of the students commented in the evaluations as to the advantageous use of these videos.

I have also started an education blog, “edumusings” on my personal web site which currently has 21 blog entries. Many of my students follow this blog and have commented on postings in class during discussions. I have found that this kind of essay writing is my preferred genre and continue to write blog entries and would like to explore further depth to these topics and future publishing opportunities for this genre in education.

Goal 3

I have begun advising 4 graduate students. Additionally, I have been providing research guidance for Brett Cease, though not my advisee. I have agreed to serve on the committee for Kelly Van Winden. Lastly, I was the Graduate Faculty Representative for the Master’s Defense for Dawn Hugye-Opsal.

Criterion 5 Goals