Criterion 5 Progress Report and Artifacts/Evidence


Connecting to Area Schools Evidence; Conceptual Framework Committee ; Assessment Committee; MNSTA ParticipationEdCamp Bemidji; CPD Presentation Feedback

Goal 1

I attended all department meetings, except if unavailable due to traveling or illness. I attended a majority of the graduate committee meetings. Additionally, I was the chair of the Conceptual Framework Committee and led that committee in the completion of the Conceptual Framework Document which was approved by the department unanimously at the April 16th department meeting. Lastly, I was the co-chair of the Assessment Committee.

Goal 2

I made an offer to all of the local schools for staff development services. I met with Julie from Voyageurs Charter School. At this time I have not performed any staff development services for any of the local schools.

I presented at the BSU Teaching and Learning Conference. I presented to a small audience and received positive feedback. I would like to continue to do this type of presenting.

I attended the Edcamp Bemidji “open-source” workshop/conversation day. I also presented a session on how to use a social contract in the classroom.

Lastly, I attended the MnSTA meeting in Bemidji.

2014-2015 PDP/PDR