Tim Goodwin is an associate professor of education at Bemidji State University, teaching in their online/hybrid undergraduate and graduate programs. His research and writing is in the areas of pedagogy, science education, and ecological identity/environmental education. He wrote Consider, Construct, Confirm: A New Framework for Teaching and Learning, which provides an easy-to-use framework for implementing thematic, inquiry-based teaching methods and is recommended for students learning to become teachers to experienced teachers looking to shift to teaching and learning methods more closely aligned to constructivist learning theory.

Feel free to send him a message through the contacts form. He’d be more than happy to communicate with you, answer questions, provide resources, and simply engage in dialogue about teaching and learning.

These videos below accompany my book, Consider, Construct, Confirm: A New Framework for Teaching and Learning, 2nd edition, published by Kendal Hunt. The book outlines a method of teaching and curriculum design allowing for easy implementation of student-centered, inquiry-based, lessons and units aligned to constructivist learning theory.


My Story and Educating in the Age of Continual Reform
Ed Philosophy in a Nutshell
Systems Theory Basics
Balancing Essentialism with Constructivism
Applying Systems Theory to Constructivist Learning Cycle
The Consider, Construct, Confirm Learning Cycle
The Engagement Ladder
Trust and Gratitude
The Classroom Ecosystem
Creating a Social Contract With Your Class or School
Eradicate Point Grubbing
Authentic Assessment and Bloom’s Taxonomu
Grading Schemes
The Curriculum Continuum
Thingatic vs. Thematic Curriculum
Triangulating Learning with Inquiry-Based Instruction
Teaching With Essential Questions
Avoiding Interdisciplinary Wanderlust
Writing Thematic, Inquiry-Based Units
Backwards Planning Puzzle
Identifying the Scope of a Thematic Unit
Unpacking Standards for a Thematic Unit
Theme Chunking and Drafting Essential Questions
Drafting Guiding Questions and KDUs
Aligning the Hamburger Model to the Curriculum Design Flow Chart
Creating a Final Thematic Unit Scope and Sequence
Using Roadmaps to Guide Student Learning and Reflection
A Constructivist Lesson Plan Template Aligned to the ED-TPA
Academic Language (and Differentiation) in a Nutshell
Project-Based Learning in a Nutshell
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