Silence Understood

June is Pride Month. Today in Northfield was “Pride in the Park.” Something I noticed was the number of young adults who looked happy, comfortable, and exhuberant as they moved around the park visiting different booths, laughing and talking with one another. I’m guessing some of these individuals don’t always act this freely in public. It was a beautiful thing.…

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Squirrel Jam

What is squirrel jam you ask? Well, it’s not jam made of squirrels. That would be gross. Squirrel Jam is a little fundraising music festival I’ve helped organize, along with other board and staff from Prairie Creek Community School, to help close the gap for their annual fundraising goal. Why Squirrels? Well in the fall of 2022 as part of…

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What is the Purpose of School?

From a systems-thinking perspective, the best way to understand the purpose of an organization such as a school is to watch the system function and evaluate what is happening, not what the mission or vision statement might state. This is especially important to do so from the vantage point of those being directly impacted by the system—the kids. What then…

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I’ve always been a “project” kind of guy. I like things to have a goal, and endpoint in mind. I like to work backwards from that end goal and map out how to get there. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to do nothing too. I’m pretty good at that when I want to be–sorta like another project. You…

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Music, Emotion, & Learning

I heard a story on U2 X-Radio (SiriusXM) about a 6th grade geography teacher framing an Ireland geography lesson, and then eventually a whole unit on European geography, with U2 songs. He starting simply with “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” from the Joshua Tree Album – the greatest rock/pop album ever – and I’ll fight you on…

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The Sweetest Thing

Last week I wrote about the simple gifts. That’s still on my brain this week. I’m reminded of recently a friend who commands my attention whenever he speaks stating he was noticing those around him that were giving the world of themselves by being “present.” That’s been my mantra since he said that a few weeks ago. “Be present.” Don’t…

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