All Hallows’ Eve Morning

The full moon set this morningJust before the sun began to riseWhile a cold wind howled from the southAn oversized orange orbSinking below the hazy cloudsInto tangled trees in the westThe eastern sky brightenedOrange rising from an eastern cornfieldFading into bright blue aboveThe sun has not risen just yetBut the light was awakening the dayTheContinue reading “All Hallows’ Eve Morning”

Why Learning Theory Matters

At Bemidji State we have teacher-candidates write a comprehensive “Central Focus & Context/Rationale” with every lesson plan. This is a statement requiring students to explicitly describe the big idea or central focus of the lesson, detail the lesson’s fit in the curriculum, and then lastly, use research and learning theory to support teaching methods chosen.Continue reading “Why Learning Theory Matters”

Connecting Dots of a New Normal

The unprecedented times of the new normal. Two terms or phrases I could happily do without. I mean, enough already. However, we cannot deny that we face a new normal and many of our institutions will never be the same. I’m confident that my field of education will never be the same. In many waysContinue reading “Connecting Dots of a New Normal”


She challenged us by asking, “As we enter into this wilderness, what do you carry?” Pastor Rachel McIver Morey, asked this question while preaching about Exodus on September 27, 2020. She was using the story of Exodus to prompt thinking about difficult transitions. When leaving a bad situation, one has to be willing to closeContinue reading “Wandering”