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And Then They Marched

The children marched last Friday. It might have been the ultimate teenage rebellion. I’m troubled, but not surprised by some of the disrespectful, hateful responses to the march, and to Greta Thornberg in particular, from a few right-wing commentators and … Continue reading

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Is This Really a Choice?

Despite a current increase in concerns about environmental issues, at least the most important one in the climate crisis, I believe most people still view nature as separate from them and as a resource valued for its utilitarian purposes. It’s … Continue reading

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The Ecological Identity Concept

I’m in Norway this week and next as part of sabbatical research and learning. I acknowledge and am thankful for my privilege and fortune! One reason I came to Norway is to further explore the concept of, and how to … Continue reading

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A Generation Ago

Eighteen years ago today I was teaching first period AP Biology when I was interrupted by the superintendent’s administrative assistant. Her office was next to my classroom. She came in and said we needed to turn on the TV. She … Continue reading

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In a Groove or Stuck in a Rut

The Tuesday after Labor Day has typically been the first day of classes. Even years when I started teaching the week prior to Labor Day, it still felt the like the true end of summer and beginning of the academic … Continue reading

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Elusive Happiness and the Lure of Passive Leisure

We are living in a stressful time.  Maybe it only seems so due to 24-hour news cycles and giving opportunity for anyone’s voice to be heard around the world without any editing or gatekeeping—mine included! My anecdotal observation of the … Continue reading

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Teaching in Mismatched Shoes

I was out and about running errands late Wednesday afternoon. I stamped the snow off my feet before stepping inside, set my bags down, shed my outer wear, bent down and untied my shoes, slipped my feet out, reached down … Continue reading

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