Hard Times Come Again No More

The song, “Hard Times Come Again No More” by Stephen Foster, from 1854, still resonates. While how we conduct our daily lives today is different than during the industrial revolution, Gilded age and Civil War, maybe we are seeing the underlying ideals still remain. As we progress through this pandemic, some are quickly shifting fromContinue reading “Hard Times Come Again No More”


It’s a Neighborly Day in the Beautywood

At the urging of a friend, Tracy and I went to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood last night. This movie is actually not a biopic about Fred Rogers. It is more about an Esquire reporter, identified with the pseudonym Lloyd Vogel in the movie, assigned to write the biography of Fred Rogers forContinue reading “It’s a Neighborly Day in the Beautywood”

Complicity: The New American Way

Remaining silent or refuse to take action about school and mass shootings is an act of complicity. It’s Friday February 16th. Fourteen students and three adults were killed at school two days ago. My wife and I heard the news on the way home from work that afternoon. Our response wasn’t shock or horror asContinue reading “Complicity: The New American Way”

Jesus Was Alone. Do We Have To Be?

I was heartened this morning when Pastor Rob Kopp said that he struggles with Palm Sunday. The day has been “domesticated” he said, waving a palm frond for us to see. Words like Hosanna are used. There is a celebratory tone and feel to the day. “Yeah, Jesus is gong to die this week!” ThisContinue reading “Jesus Was Alone. Do We Have To Be?”