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Why Grades Matter (but maybe not how you might think)

The act of grading someone for their work immediately changes everything. One cannot help but be influenced primarily by extrinsic motivation as soon as one is being judged and sorted. Of course, there are times this is necessary, such as … Continue reading

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Dog Wisdom

This is Ike. He’s a pretty good-natured dog. He’s small and looking up at the world most of the time, so he’s a bit anxious and quivers a lot. He’s getting pretty old, 14 now, but he’s still got game … Continue reading

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The Three Sisters

For centuries, the Iroquois (and now many other cultures) have been growing corn, beans, and squash together, referring to them as the Three Sisters. Corn grows tall and strong, serving as a natural pole for the beans to climb. The … Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective

We hiked the steep mountainside leading up to, and then down from, the Norwegian glacier. It was a very difficult hike for me physically. A combination of factors: change in altitude, jetlag, my own conditioning among other factors ultimately meant … Continue reading

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Elusive Happiness and the Lure of Passive Leisure

We are living in a stressful time.  Maybe it only seems so due to 24-hour news cycles and giving opportunity for anyone’s voice to be heard around the world without any editing or gatekeeping—mine included! My anecdotal observation of the … Continue reading

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Specific Proficiencies and Unit Planning

How the identification of “specific proficiencies” allows the teacher to create a rich curriculum by linking the learning maps to the essential questions.

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Using Essential Questions in Planning

Short description of how to use Essential Questions when planning curriculum

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