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Why Grades Matter (but maybe not how you might think)

The act of grading someone for their work immediately changes everything. One cannot help but be influenced primarily by extrinsic motivation as soon as one is being judged and sorted. Of course, there are times this is necessary, such as … Continue reading

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This morning was like any other. I begin the day reading about such things as children of employees of a local fishing tackle factory having elevated lead levels in their blood due to lead dust being transported home on the … Continue reading

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In a Groove or Stuck in a Rut

The Tuesday after Labor Day has typically been the first day of classes. Even years when I started teaching the week prior to Labor Day, it still felt the like the true end of summer and beginning of the academic … Continue reading

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Elusive Happiness and the Lure of Passive Leisure

We are living in a stressful time.  Maybe it only seems so due to 24-hour news cycles and giving opportunity for anyone’s voice to be heard around the world without any editing or gatekeeping—mine included! My anecdotal observation of the … Continue reading

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Teachers in “Receive Mode”

Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education in the Trump administration, found herself in a bit of a battle with DC teachers this week after visiting Washington’s Jefferson Middle School. After her visit, she said the teachers seemed to be … Continue reading

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When Life is for the Birds

When it feels like life is for the birds I like to sit quietly on my deck and watch the birds. The chickadees come, usually one at a time, their actions conveying some kind of internalized guilt. They flit in, … Continue reading

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Specific Proficiencies and Unit Planning

How the identification of “specific proficiencies” allows the teacher to create a rich curriculum by linking the learning maps to the essential questions.

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