Special Childhood Places

My ball cap shields my eyes a bit from the morning sun and frames my view from the kayak. The morning sun lifts the cool air left from the night. The still water reflects the shoreline made of white pine, balsam fir, sugar maple, basswood, and oak. This lake, where I’ve experienced the beginning ofContinue reading “Special Childhood Places”


Within These Woods: Cooper’s Hawk

This week’s essay is about the Cooper’s hawk. The female Cooper’s hawk is one tough chick. You’ll see when you hear what happens to males who approach her too hastily when searching for sex. Ouch. I hope you enjoy, and as always consider sharing via medium of your choice–twitter, Facebook, or maybe hold a videoContinue reading “Within These Woods: Cooper’s Hawk”

Within These Woods: Short-Tailed Weasel

This week’s essay. Hope you enjoy. Have another peaceful Sunday on this first day of November. As always, consider sharing via your social media of choice, or if you prefer analog, hold up an old school tape recorder to your speaker and then put that cassette tape in an envelope and mail it to aContinue reading “Within These Woods: Short-Tailed Weasel”