My Friend, Bob McPeek

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Bob McPeek. One might consider it a stretch to call Bob a friend, as we’ve never been in a room together. But I do. Bob lives in Florida and I in Minnesota. In the summer of 2019 Bob and I attended the last two in-person Casa de Musica songwriting workshops in Taos New Mexico put on by Eliza Gilkyson–me in June and he in August. The connection we share is both co-writing a song with Eliza for her album “2020” released in the spring of 2020. While have not gotten to meet in person, participating in this workshop brought us together into a larger community of songwriters that has continued to meet monthly to share songs and provide mutual assistance in songwriting and also participation in the now virtual Casa de Musica songwriting workshops which occur two to three times a year.

While our interaction is limited to this sphere, there’s something that happens in those interactions that is special. Sharing rough drafts of song ideas, new songs, incomplete thoughts and the like, requires a degree of vulnerability and mutual trust that fosters a special bond between individuals. Bob is one of those individuals I’ve come to trust with such vulnerabilities. He’s a gifted musician, music producer and engineer. He’s a very kind man who has shown kindness and support to all of us fellow songwriters who’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him in this setting and benefited from his wisdom, both musical and beyond. He’s a gifted human.

Bob recently shared publicly that he is not in good health, diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and his treatment options are limited. I was deeply saddened by this announcement. In response to questions as to what others can do for him, his first request was for his community of friends to support his wife Nancye. His request for himself was simply, “you can do nothing more meaningful to me than to take time to listen to and connect to the songs I’ve written. I hope they outlive me.”

This morning I’m listening to his recent album, “Mixed Metaphors.” At this moment I’m listening to “Still Lookin’ for America” which is a tour de force of music production and songwriting. I encourage you to honor Bob by listening to his music.

Here’s a link to stream his music, and links where to purchase if you like:

And a link to Bob’s music website:

One thought on “My Friend, Bob McPeek

  1. Reggie says:

    Thanks Tim. I appreciate your sharing. I just listen to Deeper The Love , haunting but beautiful and so meaningful to me. I always welcome your postings

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