Squirrel Jam

What is squirrel jam you ask? Well, it’s not jam made of squirrels. That would be gross. Squirrel Jam is a little fundraising music festival I’ve helped organize, along with other board and staff from Prairie Creek Community School, to help close the gap for their annual fundraising goal.

Why Squirrels? Well in the fall of 2022 as part of the Give to the Max fundraising efforts, Simon Tyler, the PCCS director put on a squirrel suit and ran/biked 40 kilometers (he’s a Brit, and still hanging onto metric despite our best efforts to scrub him of that thinking) to raise $40,000. It worked. Here’s a video of Simon the squirrel. There’s still a bit more to close the gap.

So as part of this, I made this little video. It’s so stupid, but so is the fact that schools still need to fundraise to cover costs of educating our kids. To me that’s even more gross than jam made from squirrels. Reminds me of Dan Akroyd’s Bass-O-Matic. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, the video. I’m sure I’ll regret this some day. Here’s Veddie Nutter of Squirrel Jam doing Just Breathe.

Here’s a link to Eventbrite to RSVP

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