Special Childhood Places

My ball cap shields my eyes a bit from the morning sun and frames my view from the kayak. The morning sun lifts the cool air left from the night. The still water reflects the shoreline made of white pine, balsam fir, sugar maple, basswood, and oak. This lake, where I’ve experienced the beginning ofContinue reading “Special Childhood Places”


Within These Woods: Sugar Maple

In which we learn about Axsinaminshi, Papa’xes, and the Anishinaabe ecological knowledge of the symbiotic relationship between maple trees, animals in the Northwoods, and the wisdom of the trees. Plus maybe a thing or two about family. If you are enjoying this audio book series, consider subscribing to the blog or joining the mailing listContinue reading “Within These Woods: Sugar Maple”

Within These Woods: Cooper’s Hawk

This week’s essay is about the Cooper’s hawk. The female Cooper’s hawk is one tough chick. You’ll see when you hear what happens to males who approach her too hastily when searching for sex. Ouch. I hope you enjoy, and as always consider sharing via medium of your choice–twitter, Facebook, or maybe hold a videoContinue reading “Within These Woods: Cooper’s Hawk”

Within These Woods: Short-Tailed Weasel

This week’s essay. Hope you enjoy. Have another peaceful Sunday on this first day of November. As always, consider sharing via your social media of choice, or if you prefer analog, hold up an old school tape recorder to your speaker and then put that cassette tape in an envelope and mail it to aContinue reading “Within These Woods: Short-Tailed Weasel”

All Hallows’ Eve Morning

The full moon set this morningJust before the sun began to riseWhile a cold wind howled from the southAn oversized orange orbSinking below the hazy cloudsInto tangled trees in the westThe eastern sky brightenedOrange rising from an eastern cornfieldFading into bright blue aboveThe sun has not risen just yetBut the light was awakening the dayTheContinue reading “All Hallows’ Eve Morning”

Within These Woods: A Reading

The woods calm me. The woods comfort me. I like to be in them. I like to write about them. I like to read about them. The world feels crazier and more fraught with anxiety by the day. We could use some calmness. So, to add to that calmness I’m going to post a readingContinue reading “Within These Woods: A Reading”

Eastern Phoebe

I’m at the cabin this morning sitting on this screen porch I wrote about a few years ago in my book Within These Woods (2015) Riverfeet Press. An Eastern Phoebe is flitting around and talking to me as it had been five or six years ago. I’m assuming it is an offspring of the oneContinue reading “Eastern Phoebe”

50 Years Ago Today

The first Earth Day was fifty years ago today. Denis Hayes, a graduate student at Harvard and Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator from Wisconsin were the creative and political forces behind the genesis of this now global celebration. Twenty million people took part in first Earth Day demonstrations. So, how are we doing today? IfContinue reading “50 Years Ago Today”