Within These Woods: Quaking Aspen

This week’s essay is about the quaking aspen. What’s most fascinating about them is their existences as a potential “super” organism. That’s not like leaping tall buildings or inheriting a global conglomarate industry to fund rage-filled vengence crime fighting. Listen to find out how it’s different. And then after you listen to me dig deeperContinue reading “Within These Woods: Quaking Aspen”

Special Childhood Places

My ball cap shields my eyes a bit from the morning sun and frames my view from the kayak. The morning sun lifts the cool air left from the night. The still water reflects the shoreline made of white pine, balsam fir, sugar maple, basswood, and oak. This lake, where I’ve experienced the beginning ofContinue reading “Special Childhood Places”

Within These Woods: Beaver

The original master carpenterRaw materials of sticks and mudWoven dams and all-season lodgesShe swims silently to and fro accumulatingA cache of tree tops for winter’s approachIgnoring my observing eyesUntil I come just a little too closeThen…THWACK!Her mighty tail crashes down on the water’s surfaceAnd she is gone and all around are warned