Within These Woods: A Reading

The woods calm me. The woods comfort me. I like to be in them. I like to write about them. I like to read about them. The world feels crazier and more fraught with anxiety by the day. We could use some calmness. So, to add to that calmness I’m going to post a reading of an essay from my book Within These Woods on YouTube. Maybe it will add just a few minutes of respite for you. I’ll add a new one to the playlist each Sunday morning for the next 45 weeks. Each one is anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes long, so not a great time investment on your part. If you enjoy, please subscribe to my blog, email list, and/or my YouTube channel. Also consider sharing this playlist or blog post with friends via email, social media, old fashioned hand bill or whatever. Have a peaceful Sunday.

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