On This Good Friday

Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a time of renewal and rebirth for Christians—a time for spring (at least in the Northern hemisphere). Seeing as Christianity arose in cultures in the Northern hemisphere that makes sense. I struggle with the idea of intercessory prayer, virgin birth and a literal resurrection—though I’m active in the MethodistContinue reading “On This Good Friday”

Bearing False Witness

I’d like to write about the Ten Commandments. Specifically, I’d like to write about number nine: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Those that know me, you can have a moment to recover yourself. I mean really, what’s my expertise here? Well not much. However, according to Rachel McIver-Morey from the NorthfieldContinue reading “Bearing False Witness”

June 24, 1964

Why write and share a song about such a dark day? Well, there are some stories that deserve remembrance and telling. And, just knowing about an event and connecting and understanding it on an emotional level are two very different things. This song was sort of dropped in my lap, so I had to seeContinue reading “June 24, 1964”

Have We Failed the Marshmallow Test?

Are you familiar with the marshmallow test? This is a 1972 study by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel. Young children were offered an immediate small reward (1 marshmallow or pretzel stick) or a reward of two if they could wait a few minutes. After establishing trust with the children that the researcher would honor their offer,Continue reading “Have We Failed the Marshmallow Test?”