Finding Your Thanks

It’s so easy. It’s so easy to feel bad. It’s so easy to feel sorry for ourselves. I’ve certainly been in that place many days the past few months. And when I think globally there is much over which we can fret and literally millions of people to worry about. It seems that there alwaysContinue reading “Finding Your Thanks”

Principled Conservatism

“At its principled best, conservatism holds that liberal ends—the right of the individual to enjoy the maximum degree of freedom compatible with the right of his neighbor to do the same—are best secured by conservative means.” – Bret Stephens, New York Times, 11/2/20 Let’s examine that statement and ideal through this lens MLK’s vision ofContinue reading “Principled Conservatism”

Connecting Dots of a New Normal

The unprecedented times of the new normal. Two terms or phrases I could happily do without. I mean, enough already. However, we cannot deny that we face a new normal and many of our institutions will never be the same. I’m confident that my field of education will never be the same. In many waysContinue reading “Connecting Dots of a New Normal”

Sorting and Judging and the Accumulation of Power

This past week, while not sleeping in the wee hours, I have been replaying some old Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. It is a nice idealistic universe to escape to during well, you know… In an episode from the otherwise regrettable first season, three individuals, cryogenically frozen for the past 300 years, are foundContinue reading “Sorting and Judging and the Accumulation of Power”