Sorting and Judging and the Accumulation of Power

This past week, while not sleeping in the wee hours, I have been replaying some old Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. It is a nice idealistic universe to escape to during well, you know… In an episode from the otherwise regrettable first season, three individuals, cryogenically frozen for the past 300 years, are foundContinue reading “Sorting and Judging and the Accumulation of Power”

Story of a Song

About a year ago I had one of those life moments that leaves an indelible stamp. I was privileged to be able to attend the “Casa de Musica” songwriting workshop run by Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka, Don Richmond, and Cisco Ryder Gilliland in Taos NM. It’s a rough life I know. On the last dayContinue reading “Story of a Song”

Fall and Rise

Protestors toppled the Christopher Columbus statue outside the state capital in St. Paul last week. This was met with responses of outrage to tacit approval by the Walz administration. This has caused me to reflect on the presence, purpose, and appropriateness of monuments and what this says about our nation. Why hold on to suchContinue reading “Fall and Rise”