Reckless Leadership

I haven’t feared the actions the Republican Party in the past even when I vehemently disagreed with the policies. But now things have changed. What troubles me the most, beyond expected policy changes I disagree with, is apparent steps to reduce the access to information from government agencies and therefore control the message even whenContinue reading “Reckless Leadership”

Progressive Education (or lack of) and the Rise of Populism

Populism is on the rise as evidenced by the United Kingdom “Brexit,” the election of Donald Trump and the rise of political movements and candidates in other European countries such as Italy, France, and Poland to name a few. In this country, the cause for this is often connected to the white working class—a segmentContinue reading “Progressive Education (or lack of) and the Rise of Populism”

From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock

I’m with my family on this Thanksgiving Day. People are beginning to stir, noises are coming from the kitchen. There is much to be thankful for in my world. I’m fortunate. My biggest concern today is to not consume too many calories. If that isn’t a first world problem of the privileged, I don’t knowContinue reading “From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock”

One Home

This is my rendition of the image of earth rising over the horizon of the moon as seen by Apollo astronauts. I used a technique called scratchboard drawing. Scratchboard drawing involves scraping away the black coating to reveal the smooth white background. In a sense it is drawing in the negative and always a challenge toContinue reading “One Home”

Anger, Fear, and Confronting My Own Biases

Many Americans are angry. I think many are angry because many blue-collar careers no longer provide a middle class lifestyle. The America that provided a better lifestyle than their parents has moved beyond the reach of many. And so they’re angry for what they have lost. Many Americans are fearful because prospects for their childrenContinue reading “Anger, Fear, and Confronting My Own Biases”

Petting the Dog to Save Ourselves From Ecological Ruin

In my last blog post, “When life is for the birds,” I introduced the term ecological identity. Let me elaborate on why understanding one’s ecological identity as individual’s is important to know, and especially essential for educators to understand. David Orr said, that “all education is environmental education—by what we include or exclude, we teachContinue reading “Petting the Dog to Save Ourselves From Ecological Ruin”

When Life is for the Birds

When it feels like life is for the birds I like to sit quietly on my deck and watch the birds. The chickadees come, usually one at a time, their actions conveying some kind of internalized guilt. They flit in, a few wing beats at a time interspersed with gliding, land on the feeder, lookContinue reading “When Life is for the Birds”