His Name Was George Floyd

His name was George Floyd. He was publicly executed for alleged forgery. On the video you can hear him asking to be let up because he couldn’t breath. The officer’s response was, “get up and get in the car” which George Floyd couldn’t do because he was pinned down by the officer.

You can also hear bystanders asking the officers to let him up because they could see George Floyd was in distress. They didn’t listen and George Floyd died. It doesn’t matter what his alleged crime was or what resistance to arrest prior to what we can see on the video. He was under control and offering no resistance by the time the bystander began recording, and was instead becoming unresponsive because he was suffocating.

I’ve got nothing more to say about this. Instead here’s what I’d like you to do. Close your eyes and sit silently for three minutes. Imagine what would be going through your head if you were pinned down, suffocating, while other police officers and bystanders stood by and watched. You can hear them talking about you and no one does anything as you feel your world fade to blackness and silence. And death.

We watch and we do nothing.

3 thoughts on “His Name Was George Floyd

  1. Greg Piper says:

    First off, I do not want to sit here and Monday morning quarterback this arrest and subsequent tragedy. As member of the law enforcement community for many years, and a certified trainer in restraint techniques, I can tell you this appears jacked up. We are trained to never put your knee or excessive weight on the subjects neck. Additionally, if your partner has lost focus and makes a mistake like this, relieve them and let them take a step back. None of these things happened and a man died. This officer, these few officers must be held accountable, but do not paint the broad strokes that this police brutality. What happened was horrible, and the thousands of officers that do the hard job every day the right way will agree. We are frustrated too.

    1. timothygoodwin says:

      Thanks for your insight and thoughts. Your analysis seems to be the same as what I’ve been hearing from others with expertise in this field. And, unlike other incidents of potential brutality, this resulted in swift action and response from both the police chief and mayor in firing the four officers. I’m sure now it will go through a court challenge from the union, which is fine and as it should be to ensure proper actions were taken. But, the video is retty dam damming. I suspect criminal charges might follow as well.

  2. Mark Gunderson says:

    The country was born out of slavery and genocide. It was created by white privilege and despite the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of people trying to make it a more perfect union, it still remains mired in the past. I fear that while we continue to pursue justice for all, it will take a total swing in demographics to bring about the end of white privilege and the violence it has brought upon us as a nation. The photo of that cop, with the look of supremacy on his face could have been taken 200 years ago, and that should sicken us all.

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