Complicity: The New American Way

Remaining silent or refuse to take action about school and mass shootings is an act of complicity. It’s Friday February 16th. Fourteen students and three adults were killed at school two days ago. My wife and I heard the news on the way home from work that afternoon. Our response wasn’t shock or horror asContinue reading “Complicity: The New American Way”


FORE! Playing Golf and Learning to Teach While Not Slicing it Into the Woods

Anyone who has golfed knows that learning to hit a golf ball consistently straight and where you aim is really hard. There are too many untold variables in each swing that can make striking that little white ball with that little club sitting at the end of a long flexible shaft almost impossible to doContinue reading “FORE! Playing Golf and Learning to Teach While Not Slicing it Into the Woods”

Teachers in “Receive Mode”

Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education in the Trump administration, found herself in a bit of a battle with DC teachers this week after visiting Washington’s Jefferson Middle School. After her visit, she said the teachers seemed to be in “receive mode…They’re waiting to be told what they have to do, and that’s notContinue reading “Teachers in “Receive Mode””

Progressive Education (or lack of) and the Rise of Populism

Populism is on the rise as evidenced by the United Kingdom “Brexit,” the election of Donald Trump and the rise of political movements and candidates in other European countries such as Italy, France, and Poland to name a few. In this country, the cause for this is often connected to the white working class—a segmentContinue reading “Progressive Education (or lack of) and the Rise of Populism”

What I Did On My Summer “Vacation”

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the seasonal nature of teaching. It’s August and a new school year is upon us. The approaching school year brings anxiety dreams. You know, the kind that involve missing exams for classes you didn’t know you were taking, not knowing where your locker is, and underwear. Why always underwear?Continue reading “What I Did On My Summer “Vacation””

From One Teacher to Politicians

I’m currently at the National Science Teacher’s Association Conference in Nashville. Yeah, I actually went to conference sessions all day! I just saw a wonderfully inspiring presentation from a school that is doing an amazing curriculum fostering holistic thinking, problem solving, and deep connections between science, social studies, and literature. They build curriculum around months-longContinue reading “From One Teacher to Politicians”

The Perfect Double Leg Takedown and Authentic Learning

When I coached wrestling, I started the season by teaching (or, in most cases, re-teaching) that most basic of wrestling moves, the double-leg takedown. For those unfamiliar with the sport, this is the first takedown most kids learn—basically a tackle. I started by teaching the “perfect” version of the move, breaking it down to small,Continue reading “The Perfect Double Leg Takedown and Authentic Learning”

Are You an Advocate or Adversary for Your Students?

Recently I observed a student turn in a writing assignment to my colleague. The assignment was late. My colleague accepted the assignment with a very gracious (and sincere) smile and a couple of questions. She asked the student, “Did you get it done the way you wanted? Are you satisfied with it?” “Oh yes!” sheContinue reading “Are You an Advocate or Adversary for Your Students?”

The Epistemological Ecosystem and the Great Lie in Education

The Epistemological Ecosystem and the Great Lie in Education There is a great lie that has become accepted as “truth” in modern education. Educators and public school systems require a set of standards in order to know what they are to teach and when to teach it. Within the span of my career, the politicsContinue reading “The Epistemological Ecosystem and the Great Lie in Education”