The Education Crisis of Perception

Some years ago Fritjof Capra wrote about the environmental crisis we face in the book The Web of Life and the movie Mindwalk, saying that we faced a “crisis of perception.” In the movie, upon hearing this, a character protested, “that’s great, you tell me the world is ending and it’s a crisis of perception.Continue reading “The Education Crisis of Perception”


Are We Sacrificing The Liberal Arts at the Altar of The All Mighty STEM?

I’ve never been a fan of the acronym STEM. It is used a lot but I’m not sure it actually amounts to anything new. Science is a content-based and skill-based discipline. Technology is simply the tools humans use, nothing more, nothing less. Engineering is a problem-solving process used to make new products and math isContinue reading “Are We Sacrificing The Liberal Arts at the Altar of The All Mighty STEM?”

But If I Don’t Give a Test, How Do I Know They Know It?

“But if I don’t give them a test, how will I know they know it?” This question drives so much of our teaching and education policy and practice. And for the sake of this essay, I’m defining test as an objective test—multiple choice, matching, true-false, etc that mostly tests memorization of vocabulary and basic concepts.Continue reading “But If I Don’t Give a Test, How Do I Know They Know It?”

How to Cause an Explosion of Creativity in Teaching

In the 1980s there was great concern over the state of education in this country. On international standardized tests our students were not performing to the same level as other countries. The simplistic look at the data was that we were underperforming. Examining with more complexity reveals however, that while our students weren’t as qualifiedContinue reading “How to Cause an Explosion of Creativity in Teaching”

Public Education’s 9/11

In 1983 a report titled A Nation at Risk was published highlighting deficiencies in public education. The deficiencies were (are) real. However, the end result of that report was public education’s 9/11. I do not think this was the intent of the writers, and I am not downplaying the most devastating attack on U.S. soil.Continue reading “Public Education’s 9/11”

Educating Hunter-Gatherer Minds in Modern Society

Modern humans’ brains evolved approximately 200,000 years ago. For most of our species existence we lived as hunter-gatherers with maximum group sizes around 150 individuals. This persisted until 10 – 15 thousand years ago. From that time forward, our society has evolved a rapid pace—much more quickly than the biological evolution of our brains. Therefore,Continue reading “Educating Hunter-Gatherer Minds in Modern Society”