The Creativity High

People who run talk about getting a “runner’s high.” Well I’ve never experienced that. I’ve experienced runner’s dread and runner’s pain, but never a high from it. However, today (Sunday) I spent most of the morning and early afternoon “in the zone” on a writing project. When I finally clicked save and closed the lid of the laptop I was experiencing the “creativity high.”

I could be just feeling the effects of very odd December weather—a warm, misting, and deep thick fog is entombing Bemidji right now for the third day in a row. But I don’t think so. When I have had the rare moments when my mood, my intellect, and my creativity align and I can accomplish something creative, I am left feeling euphoric. It’s more than just the satisfaction that comes from completing a task. That is nice, but doesn’t intoxicate. Completing a task feels good, but doesn’t lead me to think I need more. Doing something creative leaves me wanting more—like an addict.

Last night I attended the Madrigal’s Dinner at Bemidji State University. It’s a 17th century period-themed performance with some skits, roaming singers, beggars, and jesters, culminating in a performance by the BSU choir. It was inspiring to see so many students creating something and (maybe?) being left with euphoric happiness and relief when the last notes were sung.

It leaves me wondering this afternoon about the opportunities for creativity we are providing for this generation of students. I don’t think it is enough. We need more. Well, maybe it’s just the fog engulfing my locale, but I think that for today I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the “high” for a while. Tomorrow, I’ll think about ways I can provide such opportunities for my students.

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