¿Agua Limpia?

I’d like to share a blog post from one of my daughter’s friends, Carmina Singleton, an impressive young woman.

photographing diversity

Two years ago when I came here with my family, we were told not to drink the water as it has bacteria which can affect the digestive system. In Minnesota, where I live, we are surrounded by pure water and 10,000+ fresh water lakes for that matter, but coming to Mexico has been a struggle in needing to budget for water. I never thought that I would have to worry about purchasing drinking and cooking water. I think that because I grew up with the privilege of having clean water, I never realized the financial struggle that people in developing countries are in. As I experience the different lifestyles and changes, I can’t help but feel empathy for those who live in more difficult and developing countries. Like Ghana for instance, they are rarely given the chance to drink pure water, thus drinking water contaminated with chemicals and littered with…

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