In His Face

In his face
Was pain
As the angry mob crushed him against the door frame
Chanting “Stop the steal!”

In his face
was disbelief
As they surged and pressed en masse
Screaming “Fuck the police!”

In his face
Was confusion
When head was wrenched back and face shield removed
And he heard “Fuck the blue!”

In his face
Was agony
As they surged again
And declared “Fuck these pigs!”

In his face
Was us

One thought on “In His Face

  1. tomdorothygoodwin says:

    Difficult to read because it expresses the truth of what happened and continues to happen in this country. But, we haven’t learned that lesson yet. We enslaved the Negroes, drove out the Indians and left them with nothing that was sacred to them, destroyed the forests and polluted the rivers. This is how we built the United States and the same selfishness and lack of empathy for those in our way to success still exists. We need to acknowledge the truth. Your are correct. It Is Us.

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