I Sense Many of us are on Edge

I sense we’re all a little tense. A little worn thin. Maybe feeling tired, no? I know, I know. I feel it too. I have work to do today as well. But, geez, I’m having trouble focusing as I suspect many of you are too.

Let me share this song from a friend of mine with you.

It’s Fine
© 2022 Ted Hajnasiewicz

I don’t have a jagged edge
Nor a ragged head
Wont find me on the ledge
Maybe I’ve never left the bed
And I’m fine. It’s fine.

It’s been a time or two
Maybe three since I’ve seen you
Doing nothing’s my thing to do
And I don’t want no trouble from here
And I’m fine. It’s fine,

I’m always late for the party
Better never than late
This mystery that we started
Makes me hesitate
I’m fine

I must confess I had no drive
Dank memes about a happy life
Seem easier than going outside
Where I might actually wear a smile
And I’m fine. It’s fine.

I’m always waiting for something
The other shoe to drop
This little war that we started
Makes me wanna stop

There must be something to talk about
‘cause the weather hasn’t changed much
I’m glad we don’t all think out loud
‘cause sometimes I think a little rough
I’m fine

Here’s an exercise I want you to consider trying. Find a spot outside where you can go and sit, observe, journal, sketch, meditate, pray, or whatever. Maybe a spot you can go regularly. It doesn’t have to be pristine, isolated, or all naturey. The first time there open yourself up to feeling the gift of the sun’s energy, to the life around you and your part in it.

Plants take in carbon dioxide from the air, water from the ground and use sunlight to make the sugars that fuel all life on the planet. We are a part of these equations and should approach them fully, accepting our role in them. Nature knows this. We breathe out and the plants breathe in—back and forth we exchange this basic necessity for life. Rocks are born from the fire of the earth and then slowly returned to rest at the bottom of the oceans, only to be recycled and reborn again from the earth. These are gifts from nature to us.

Imagine photons from the sun striking your skin. Imagine them striking the leaves of the plants around you and visualize the movement of the molecules and chain reaction of converting light energy into stored chemical energy. Now, write or draw something inspired by this imagery.

Or, think of Ted’s song and someone you know who is struggling and reach out to them. Write them a note, maybe even a hand-written one and put it in the mail, or stick it in their door. Say “Hey.” (that only makes sense if you watched the video all the way to the end.)

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