The Sweetest Thing

Last week I wrote about the simple gifts. That’s still on my brain this week. I’m reminded of recently a friend who commands my attention whenever he speaks stating he was noticing those around him that were giving the world of themselves by being “present.” That’s been my mantra since he said that a few weeks ago. “Be present.” Don’t multi-task while in a meeting. Give other’s your full attention in conversation, and so on. I’d say I’m successful about half as much as I’d like to be, but working on it. It’s hard in this world isn’t it? To be present. To appreciate the little gifts.

I was recently in a three-day songwriting workshop and surrounded by some amazing songwriters and even better humans. They’re my tribe. They were present as I shared a song, struggling to get through it. The gift they gave me was to simply hold the space for me until I was ready to continue. They were present. It maybe seemed like a simple thing to do for them, but for me it was an enourmous gift. It was just about the sweetest thing.

So out of that comes this song, The Sweetest Thing.

News from the Album front. CDs being made as I type. Will get those maybe by the end of next week. All goes live in the streaming world March 10.

  • Solo Album Release
    Friday March 10 @ Noon
    Northfield Public Library, 210 Washington St. Northfield, MN 55057
    I’m performing songs from my new album, Together, as part of their Friday lunchtime music series.
    View on Google Maps
  • Band Album Release Show (with David Miller & Dave Novak)
    Saturday March 18 @ 7:00
    Hot Spot Music, 801 Division St. S, Northfield, MN 55057
    I’ll be playing songs from the new album and some older ones along with David Miller on piano/percussion and Dave Novak on guitar. This is a small venue, so advanced purchase of tickets recommended and appreciated.
    $10 Purchase tickets here
    View on Google Maps

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