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Teachers in “Receive Mode”

Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education in the Trump administration, found herself in a bit of a battle with DC teachers this week after visiting Washington’s Jefferson Middle School. After her visit, she said the teachers seemed to be … Continue reading

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When Life is for the Birds

When it feels like life is for the birds I like to sit quietly on my deck and watch the birds. The chickadees come, usually one at a time, their actions conveying some kind of internalized guilt. They flit in, … Continue reading

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Specific Proficiencies and Unit Planning

How the identification of “specific proficiencies” allows the teacher to create a rich curriculum by linking the learning maps to the essential questions.

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Using Essential Questions in Planning

Short description of how to use Essential Questions when planning curriculum

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Fast Food Education

Recently I broke down and got lunch at a fast food place. I know, I know. Ick. I won’t say which to protect their identity and to protect my pride. I was struck that when handed my meal in a … Continue reading

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Reflection, Reflection, Reflection!

If you ask a realtor what the most important factor in home sales is, many will say, “location, location, location.” I believe that the most crucial step to learning is reflection. Reflection, reflection, reflection! This is when new skills and … Continue reading

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Do You Have Homework Tonight?

How many of us as adults have regular assigned homework as part of our jobs? If you do, do you like it? Imagine this pattern: Every night, you sit down and do an hour (or more) of assigned work for … Continue reading

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